HeadachesCauses and Treatments for Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are common and almost everyone takes the odd one now and again for granted. You may however be suffering with more than you can cope with and chiropractors can treat many of the causes of headaches. 

How can Chiropractic Treatment Help with Headaches & Migraines?

Chiropractic may help to relieve tightness in your neck muscles due to stress and tension in your neck, shoulders and back. Treatment may also be effective in the treatment of headaches that are the result of an injury or repetitive strain to your neck. Migraine is a severe headache, accompanied by other symptoms. Problems affecting the bones in your neck (vertebrae) can cause headaches and be a contributory factor in migraine.

We can identify stiffness in the joints of the neck and by treating them, improve their movement and relieve the muscle spasm and nerve irritation that may be causing the problem.

We can also use Dry-Needling, Massage, functional movement, postural advice, exercises to help relieve muscular tension.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Believe it or not, the upper part of the neck can be cause a lot of headaches – these are called Cervicogenic Headaches. This will often cause pain from the back of the skull over the top of the head and/or behind or over the eyes. The pain is ‘tight’ and like an ‘ache’ rather than throbbing.

Tension headaches

Tension in the shoulders for example caused by stress, can develop into a headache – usually called a ‘tension headache’.


Migraines are by definition caused by the blood vessels in the brain contracting and expanding. The contraction can cause disturbed vision such as flashing lights as well as nausea and sickness. This is termed the ‘aura’ and usually comes before the actual headache which is often throbbing and can be very severe. Migraines have lots of ‘triggers’ such as food, stress, tiredness etc but a lot of patients with migraines also suffer ‘normal’ headaches. These can then be another migraine trigger, and we do see a lot of patients whose frequency and severity of their migraines reduce significantly with chiropractic treatment.

Treatment is usually directed to the neck and shoulders. Click here for more information on neck pain

If you want to discuss alternatives to drugs and surgery for your headache/Migraine, then we would be happy to help.

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