shoulder pain

What Should I do if I have Shoulder Pain?

Shoulders are a very complex structure. With connections, muscles coming from the neck, chest, back and spine. Pain is often associated with restricted movement, usually noticed when simply putting on your coat or inability for women to fasten their bra. Treatment for Frozen Shoulder for instance will be different to treatment for rotator cuff injury. Our Chiropractor will recommend the right combination of treatment such as massage, exercises and chiropractic treatment after a full examination of the associated area(s).

What Can Cause Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. However, it is an unstable joint because of the range of motion allowed. It is easily injured because the ball of the upper arm is larger than the shoulder socket that holds it. To remain stable, the shoulder must be anchored by its muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Problems can occur in any of these tissues and lead to pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder pain may be localised or may be referred to areas around the shoulder or down the arm into the elbow for example. Problems in the neck also may cause pain that travels along nerves to the shoulder.In these cases the chiropractor often finds problems in the neck and upper back and it is important that these areas are also treated to allow the shoulder to heal properly.

Whatever the injury to the shoulder, the chiropractor will tell you why it is happening and treat all the areas involved, so the shoulder can heal in the quickest possible time.

If you want to discuss alternatives to drugs and surgery for your shoulder problem, then we would be happy to help.

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